Our Company is involved in the process of production of sugar, with a total capacity crushing capacity of 8,500 tonnes per day. Sugarcane being a seasonal crop, the sugar manufacturing majorly takes place during the sugarcane period of October to April known as Crushing Season. We use modern technology which enables us to optimally utilize the available resources to ensure maximum crushing capacity and thereby maximize the production of sugar. We have a total licensed sugarcane crushing capacity of 11,000 TCD and installed sugarcane crushing capacity of 8,500 TCD.

The sugar produced by us is differentiated on the basis of the size of the sugar crystals. These types are termed as M, M2, S1, S22 and S30 which are in descending order of the size of the crystals.

Since the de-regularization of Sugar, Our Company has developed a robust marketing and sales team which liaisons with various major brands. We have sold our sugar produce to major brands such as PepsiCo Holdings India Private Limited, Parle Biscuits Private Limited and Britannia Industries Limited; among others, who use sugar for manufacture of various biscuits, confectionery and beverages.