Distillery Products

Our Company manufactures distilled products like Rectified Spirit & Extra-Neutral Spirit and Ethanol from molasses / sugarcane syrup.

Rectified Spirit is a highly concentrated spirit which has been purified by means of distillation. Currently, our distillery unit has an installed capacity of 100 KLPD of Rectified Spirit and 50 KLPD of Neutral Spirit.

The Rectified Sprit so produced by distillation is further dehydrated to make Anhydrous Ethanol containing of minimum of 99.6% ethyl alcohol and it is sold  to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) after denaturalization by addition of a small quantity of some chemicals. This Anhydrous Ethanol is used by OMCs for blending with Motor Sprit (Petrol).

Rectified Spirit can alternatively be redistilled to remove impurities like Esters, Aldehyde and Ketones etc. to make the spirit potable. After such re-distillation the product obtained is devoid of impurities and is odourless and is called Extra Neutral Spirit / Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA). This ENA is used in blending and bottling of IML Products.

Our company was previously manufacturing IML product also, however after the expansion of distillation capacity in the year 2020, the company shifted its focus to the manufacturing of Anhydrous Ethanol for supply to OMCs and stopped manufacturing IML.