Our Business

We are an integrated sugar and other allied products manufacturing company operating from Belgaum District in the State of Karnataka which is designated as one of the “High Recovery zones” for sugar production by Government of India. We operate a single location sugar unit having licensed crushing capacity of 11,000 TCD. In addition to sugar we also manufacture other allied products like Rectified Spirits, Extra-Neutral Spirits, Indian Made Liquor, Vinegar, Compost, Carbon dioxide (CO2), etc. and are further engaged in the generation of Power for captive consumption as well as external sale. Our business can hence be broken up into five main segments namely Sugar, Co-Generation, Distillery, Indian Made Liquor (IML) and Vinegar.

In the year 2001, we commenced operations of manufacture of Distillery products such as Ethanol, Rectified Spirit and Extra Neutral Spirit. In the year 2006, our Company implemented backward integration and began commercial operations for Sugar manufacture from sugarcane, along with Co-Generation capabilities. During the year 2008, we began bottling of Indian Made Liquor. Currently our integrated unit processes sugarcanes to produce sugar and the by-products are used to generate electricity for captive use and commercial sale, manufacture rectified spirit, ENA, IML, Vinegar, Press-mud and Compost. Over the years, we have expanded the production / manufacturing capacities of all our products. Our present licensed manufacturing capacity for our various products is given below:

Sr. No.


Current Approved Capacity



2,42,000 Tons / Year(1)



6,60,000 Tons / Year(1)



88,000 Tons / Year(1)


Rectified Spirit

30,000 KL / Year


Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)

21,000 KL / Year


Industrial Ethanol

90,000 KL / Year


Electricity / Power

4,96,800 MW / Hr


Brewed Vinegar

34,500 Ltrs. / Day

(1) The above licensed capacities are equivalent to a total Sugarcane crushing capacity of 11,000 TCD working for approximately 200 days per year (Crushing Season) at an average 11% recovery rate for sugar, 30% for Bagasse and 4% for Molasses.