Distillery Products and Indian Made Liquor (IMFL)

Our Company manufactures Distillery products like Rectified Spirit & Extra-Neutral Spirit and also Indian Made Liquor (IML) from molasses. These products are supplied through Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Limited (KSBCL), who is the sole distributor for all alcoholic products in the State of Karnataka.

Rectified Spirit is a highly concentrated spirit which has been purified by means of repeated distillation. Currently, our distillery unit has an installed capacity of 35 KLPD of Rectified Spirit and 30 KLPD of Neutral Spirit. Ethanol produced after fermentation and distillation of Molasses can be further purified into Fuel Ethanol, by removing the water content, and the purified Ethanol contains a minimum 99.6% ethyl alcohol that is used for blending with petrol. This ethyl alcohol is extracted from the residue mixture using fractional distillation process. Ethanol contains various impurities like Esters, Aldehyde and Ketones which needs to be removed to make the Ethanol potable. Once it is re-distilled, the product obtained is devoid of impurities and is odourless which is called Extra Neutral Spirit / Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA). The ENA is a product suitable for potable purposes and can be further blended and bottled to be marketed as IML products. Ethanol is also denatured and can be used for industrial use.

We manufacture IML products and currently sell Whisky primarily under our brands “Our Choice” and “Your Choice”. The ENA manufactured is mixed with demineralised water to form the base liquor which contains about 42% alcohol by volume. To manufacture whisky, special malts, flavours and colouring agents are blended in the base liquor. A good whisky is obtained based on the length of maturing the blended mix is kept for. Upon sufficient maturing period, the blended mix is passed through pressure filters to remove any impurities and then bottled in various marketable packs. Our Company also has obtained a Tetra Packaging machine where whisky is packed in tetra packs which make them easy to carry and dispose.